Trimming And Tassels

Trimming And Tassel
Trimming And Tassel

Trimming & Tassel

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Tassels are a fantastic finishing touch for costumes and home décor of any kind. At curtain alteration company Trimming, tassels are made from meticulously gathered loose threads that are twisted and fashioned into a cord, fastened at one end, and left dangling loose at the other. You can use tassels as decorations on drapes or clothes, such as our Chenille Single Tassel Tieback or our Braided Band Imported Tassel. Tassels can also be used, as we showed on our blog, to modernize an outdated backpack. Tassels can be used to highlight any type of fabric or trim on your embroidered clothing and home décor items.

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When you want to give your crafts a little shimmy and shake, tassel trimmings take center stage. Tassel-embellished pillows are a common element in interior design. Tassel clothing and accessories are also quite hot right now, and they make affordable cosplay additions to a variety of ensembles. One typical application is in curtains, drapes, and upholstery for home décor. Tassel trimmings can be added to the edges of drapes or curtains to add style and create an opulent appearance. Similar to this, tassel trims on upholstery may turn an ordinary piece of furniture into a chic standout piece.

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Frequently Attached To Belts

Tassel trim is used in clothing, accessories, and footwear in the fashion business. It adds movement and visual interest when it adorns the necklines and hemlines of blouses, dresses, and skirts. Tassel trimmings are also frequently attached to belts, caps, handbags, bags, and other accessories to give them an ethnic or bohemian look.

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Trimming And Tassels
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