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Tapes for the draperies enormous assortment of curtain tapes. Their use makes it possible to quickly and easily create gorgeous and unique curtains. These Tapes are used by small ateliers and professional factories, as well as by individuals who wish to sew curtains by hand or with a home sewing machine.

Among the many different types of tapes are:

Tackling Bandages

When creating different systems for fastening the top of the curtain, they are utilized to harden the top of the curtain. These tapes are used, for instance, for drapery, goblet or triple pinch pleated curtains, and eyelet curtains. The sizes of these tapes vary.

Style According To Your Way

Best Home Decor

Hand-Pleated Head Designs & Universal Tapes

Our universal tapes create lovely pleats that go with many different types of home décor. The tape can be used for a variety of purposes and is appropriate for most window, door, and shower curtain kinds. For hand-pleated head designs, reinforcement tape is utilized to strengthen the top of the curtain. Header tape reinforcement makes the fabric stiffer, which facilitates the creation of pleat shapes and stabilizes them so they stay in place as you sew.

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Curtain Tapes
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