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The Appropriate Number Of Hooks Before You Start

Gather the curtains to the required length and make sure they fit the window correctly before fastening the curtain hooks. Next, secure the strings with a knot that may be adjusted if necessary. This will help to guarantee that the gathering stays in place. In pencil pleat heading tapes, three rows of pockets are often present. The length of your curtains will depend on the pocket you select. The ability to easily modify the length of your curtains is one of the numerous advantages of having these options.

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How Are The Curtain Hooks Attached?

Depending on what color your curtain is, this can be either transparent or white. Although the designs on the various curtain tapes vary slightly, they are all still functional. Large loops on the curtain tape allow you to hang your curtain straight from a standard curtain rod. The curtain tape’s longer pockets fit deep pleat hooks, while the top pockets are narrower and intended for wave or rufflette hooks. Additionally, there is a tiny string at the top that is used to create pencil folds. This look is created when the top of the curtain creases when the string is pulled.

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Although we are proud of our extensive selection of curtains and curtain materials, it’s critical to have the appropriate accessories. We provide an excellent selection of curtain hooks to complement a range of décor types and curtain materials. Curtain alteration company offers an excellent selection of pin hooks, tape hooks, and curtain hooks in silver or gold brass to meet all of your curtain hook needs at an affordable price. Explore our website for further fantastic offers. For even more options in curtain accessories, visit curtains spares, where you can get inexpensive, specialized accessories like pass-over bay pole rings and bay pole brackets.

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