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Door Curtains

Fashionable & Adaptable Curtains

Door curtains are fashionable and adaptable, and at Curtain Alteration, we have a large selection of single thermal door drapes to fit your style and demands. Whether you are searching for a simple yet effective solution to keep privacy with your doors open in the summer or to retain heat in the winter, our door curtains come in a broad range of materials, colors, designs, and patterns.

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How Wide A Door Curtain Be?

A door curtain’s width varies according to the size of the door, the required amount of covering, and the overall style you want in your room. As a general rule, a door curtain should be 1.5 to 2 times the width of the door it will cover. This additional width enables the curtain to gather or pleat when closed, giving it a more appealing and useful appearance. It also guarantees that the curtain may be completely closed, effectively blocking light or providing seclusion.

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We encourage you to take our pattern books home with you and may arrange free samples so you can view the colors and patterns in your own home. Once you’ve decided on a fabric, we’ll provide an estimate for your curtains, blinds, or soft furnishings that includes all of the parts for your desired window treatment. We provide curtain and blind installation services, ensuring that your made-to-measure curtains and soft furnishings are installed precisely. Book an appointment to come in and discuss your project with us soon; the showroom will be booked for you, and we will guarantee that a member of our expert staff is available to assist you.

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